All LIMITED EDITION PRINTS are printed on archival photographic (some b&w - fiber based) paper and are limited editions of either 1/250 or 1/100 or 1/25. They are signed by the artist and are issued with a Ceriticate of Authenticity. To care for prints they should never be displayed in strong sunlight and never without proper framing, ideally including UV filtering. ALL IMAGES are COPYRIGHT ©D Stevens/DSI protected. The purchase of print(s) in no way transfers, alters or licenses the purchaser with any reproduction or publishing rights which remain the sole possession of the photographer.

The print(s) are shipped insured within FIFTEEN (15) days of purchase and may be returned for any reason within fifteen (15) days of receipt. A service/handling charge of twenty (20) percent will be charged for returns. Prints may be viewed by appointment at 1431 Ocean Av Santa Monica CA 90401. For appointment call 213 364 6000. They may be purchased by clicking on the "BUY IT NOW" button either using a credit card or PayPal. CONTACT DSI to confirm avaliablity/terms or for an invoice.

PRINTS ON DEMAND represent a departure from LIMITED EDITION PRINTS. LIMITED EDITION PRINTS are signed by the ARTIST and NUMBERED with a COA while PRINTS ON DEMAND are not.

PRINTS ON DEMAND go directly to a PRINT LAB where you can choose frame, paper and mat for each PRINT ordered. Generally PRINTS ON DEMAND are between $25 to $100 per print + other costs.

Arrangements can also be made to view/purchase LIMITED EDITION PRINT(S). For inquiries and information please contact by email or telephone 213 364 6000.

Email: DSI